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Welcome to CrowsFoot
CrowsFoot has been a major contender in Research & Design of applications in the Millitary, Government and Commercial Sector providing a myriad of technologies, theories and expertise in development.

We believe in quality to the highest degree in all our work, from documented theories to multi-level infrastructures, all our work is guarenteed safe, secure and reliable.

We have concluded that to better advance our company profile that we will be focussing more in commercial applications, we will converge all our resources into one breakthrough technology, the Enviromental Vision Enhancer (EVE).

Using a patented technology we have developed the worlds first Heads Up Display (HUD) utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Human/Enviromental Response Technology (ERT) to provide a device that is both compact and functional.

Press releases
  • [8-April-02]
    Server Upgrades

  • [28-March-02]
    Technology Conference

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